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    @w.. aniyou
    @cp1dell WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Hahaha thank you very much! I hope this lives up to expectation!
    @whocares Thank you man! There's no harm in trying still by the way, maybe you'll be able to make something greater! About the new update, it was a very minor fix for the "Summary of Features" in the Core Mod's OIV Package (I accidentally pasted the old draft on it instead of the final one)

    2 gün önce
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    RE: Updating from VisualVanilla 1.0, what do we do?

    You can simply install the mod on top of it. They will overlap. HOWEVER: If you have dlcpacks called "lgvisual" and "grassfix" installed, you will need to remove them because v1.1 has renamed them to something else.

    2 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @raburs Thank you! LA Revo's Vegetation shouldn't interfere. :)

    2 gün önce
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    Sabitlenmiş Yorum

    Mod updated to a new version! This update took a month of everyday work to accomplish. Please RATE, DONATE, and REPLAY STORY MODE, MATE!

    Comparison Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/9akGwnm
    Screenshots Repository: https://imgur.com/a/dCyGwLT
    GTAForums Topic: https://gtaforums.com/topic/958370-visualvanilla/

    Have ideas? Problems? Suggestions? Want to contribute? Or just want to get tight? Join The Modcave, my personal Discord server, here: https://discord.gg/zCpy4SS

    v1.1 (08-07-2020) Changelog:

    - All weathers have been reworked to match the vibe and colors to be as close as possible to Rockstar Games' design with vast improvements to make V feel less of a dated game
    - Underwater has been overhauled, so expect a new, yet familiar playing experience under the sea
    - Restored Godrays from the vanilla game for most weathers!
    - Restored Light Pollution from the old gen version of the game to give vibes
    - Restored Bloom levels from the vanilla game
    - Restored the Godrays for Lightning Strikes ala-PS3 version of V
    - Improved fog colors for every fog-reliant weathers, now they deliver a more accurate vibe
    - Rebuilt .OIV Packages to have a cleaner and more proper way of installation
    - Renamed various optionals to be more accurate in name
    - Fixed sky colors not syncing properly with the time
    - Fixed the red tint on Snow, Xmas weathers, thanks to @Jax765 for reporting
    - Fixed environmental fog not fitting the game for some weathers
    - Fixed desaturation when diving deep underwater
    - Fixed rain droplets appearing in mid air, thanks to @si2504 for reporting and @whocares for the solution
    - Added preview images for almost all optionals that need them in each of their respective .OIV Installation Packages
    - Updated Pre-release Top Gradient to be more vibrant and closer to the pre-release screenshots
    - NEW Optional: Pause Menu Blur
    - NEW Optional: Michael's Lens Flare
    - NEW Optional: Franklin's Lens Flare
    - NEW Optional: Trevor's Lens Flare
    - NEW Optional: No Lens Flare
    - NEW Optional: Old Gen Damage Overlay
    - NEW Optional: No Godrays for Fog-reliant weathers
    - NEW Optional: No Godrays for Lightning Strikes
    - NEW Optional: No Light Pollution
    - NEW Optional: Enhanced Old Gen Beach Foam
    - NEW Optional: Enhanced Old Gen Light Bulbs
    - NEW Optional: Old Gen-inspired Palms
    - NEW Optional: Old Gen-inspired Trees
    - NEW Optional: Pre-release Mirror Park Lake
    - Sea Foam makes a comeback from the vanilla game for non-rainy weathers
    - Wind values have been increased a bit, just as how they were from the vanilla game
    - Sniper Depth of Field behavior has been restored from the vanilla game so it's less annoying when aiming now, and you can finally see your target easily
    - Some other fixes, and quality of life polishing. Are you ready to replay story mode with these new additions?

    For the full version history, please check the description.

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    3 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @MrGTAmodsgerman They all still emit light, just not that noticeable during the day anymore. I didn't turn any values up or down, this is just a simple shader replacement.

    3 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2


    3 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Padhu Simply remove the "spoozefix" entry from update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml
    @MARK2580 Perhaps, but on the Arena War update, vehicles use a similar shader as this mod which does not cause any lighting issues when increasing defaultlight values from visualsettings.dat
    @azzman_01 Thank you too! :)

    4 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Tengerecki I will look around, thank you so much! These are really helpful. Will credit you if I get it to work :)
    @sen gaming Thank you. Also nice vid, thanks for making it!

    6 gün önce
  • B89444 stryfaar evergarden2

    @Tengerecki Thank you! Unforunately, I have no concrete idea for now. Thanks for showing this, I'll try my hand at experimenting in order to emulate it but no promises for now since I'm close to releasing an update for VisualVanilla. That does look like increased bloom values though. Also, I don't see the white emissives you mentioned, where do I look?

    8 gün önce