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  • Michael2

    Great car, i absolutely love it! Good job man, it's beautiful. I hope you will make more mods like this :)

    16 Mayıs 2018, Çarşamba
  • Michael2

    @evoturbo21 Well, in my case launching game 5 times in a row helped. After that the error never showed itself again so i guess it's gone by now. Try it, if 5 times wont help try to launch it 10 times. If that doesn't help then i have no idea what will.

    27 Kasım 2016, Pazar
  • Michael2

    Actually i fixed it somehow... i mean, it fixed itself. I tried to launch the game like 5 times in a row, 5 times got an Script Hook error and at the sixth time it worked, and now its working too. Strange, but it's working :D

    21 Kasım 2016, Pazartesi
  • Michael2

    Well, unfortunately it happens with every vehicle, tuneable or not tuneable. That kinda sucks, but the other trainer functions are working as they are supposed to work. Thanks for your help, i'll watch this thread, it'll be amazing if you could find anything about that.

    21 Kasım 2016, Pazartesi
  • Michael2

    I'm getting the same error as @Evoturbo21 - My game crashes when i try to launch it with trainer files in game directory.
    "CORE: An exception occurred while executing 'TrainerV.asi'

    Damn it.

    21 Kasım 2016, Pazartesi
  • Michael2

    @Zemanez So yeah, i'm getting the same kind of error as @Crowbound my game gets a crash always when i try to save a car with this trainer. It gets me the same Script Hook error, 0xB7635E80A5C31BFF, and there goes the game. Any solution for this? The database included in the .rar file doesn't work.

    20 Kasım 2016, Pazar