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    @Big Ounce do NOT use afterburner, you don't know as much as you think. Overlocking is WORSE for your pc than running high fps. You can melt your laptop in seconds.

    23 Nisan 2020, Perşembe
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    Would be 5 stars if it didn't keep popping up with the messages. Perhaps make a toggle button for the script?

    13 Eylül 2019, Cuma
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    Anyone using this with story missions, be careful; some missions do break if you die while this mission is on. For me, it broke Repossession for some reason, when i died the mission fail screen wouldn't play. However, the mission after worked fine when i tested it.
    all and all, love this mod. Doesn't break anything else that i could find, and seems to reset my traffic div [wov + ivpack]!

    created this account just to say thank you for this very underrated.

    6 Eylül 2019, Cuma