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    looks sweet! might make me install the game again. As a side question, what are the odds of eventually adding a version with scaled down speeds? similar to the vanilla game. This way the map wouldnt feel so small

    28 Eylül 2021, Salı
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    Lovely, really well done man, I love it.
    I recommend changing the vehicle layout in vehicles.meta from:
    so the entering animations are correct

    btw, any plans on doing the same to some other old models? if so I would suggest the Adder, that thing need some extra love. At least a functional spoiler with better color schemes/layout

    31 Mart 2021, Çarşamba
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    Thanks for the fix man!

    4 Şubat 2021, Perşembe
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    @bravo-one-charlie looks nice man, good job, and thanks!
    One thing that I noticed are the wheels when spinning look like they are not entirely centered. I just replaced the model with the stock one btw

    3 Şubat 2021, Çarşamba
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    amazing mod man, great job.
    I love how balanced it looks, compared to VisualV it looks cleaner and smoother, without saturated colors and too bright lighting. Love how easy is to configure and setup too. Brilliant

    7 Ocak 2021, Perşembe
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    @AbsolutelyHalal I agree with prince. Adding glass shards would make this mod literally perfection!

    26 Aralık 2020, Cumartesi
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    The coupe version looks pretty good from the pictures, the Oracle lights fit the car very well (better than the vanilla rear lights thats for sure).
    Dunno whats the fuss/problem with charging for extra models though.

    26 Eylül 2020, Cumartesi
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    @Alex106 I enabled the sandy shores cops & interior, and with MP map enabled the interior and NPCs are loaded, but the openable door and clear windows clip with the rigid/stock door/windows, did I fuck up something? Im pretty sure I did

    17 Haziran 2020, Çarşamba
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    @toyota12345 So far, so good, the mod works and plays pretty well.

    I have got I couple of issues/suggestions:
    - the cost of buying supplies is exactly the same as the money earned when delivering a product by land (without property upgrades), either the former should be lowered or the latter raised IMO, so it makes sense to do both without having to resort in buying a property upgrade to gain money from it.
    - when delivering a product by plane, the wanted level should be temporarily disabled when entering the airport and when getting back from the water (would be enabled again when I get off the airport area for example, since the wanted level would trigger at 3 starts if I play as Trevor, or as Michael or Franklin without having purchased the airport hangars, which are likely scenarios to happen)
    - the property messages such as 'theres some product to be sold' or 'the property is at full capacity of product' should be shown when playing only as the character who bought the property, this could apply to the property icons aswell. Dunno if this is possible, but if so it would be sweet.
    - absolutely a minor thing, but the messages like 'theres product to be sold' differs from the countercash mod and the meth business sighly, just so you make them the same if you even care about that.
    - this happened once, when doing a delivery after i bought some supplies from the laptop IIRC, during and after said delivery the cargo icon on the map started being assigned to random cars nearby, either parked or traffic cars. Once i got away from said car, the icon would reappear on another car and so on.

    17 Haziran 2020, Çarşamba
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    @schlopp96 "enable mp map interiors" will enable the GTAO map (which differs from the Story mod/standard map as it has more stuff basically), and will make accessing GTAO interiors possible, which this mods needs. try enabling that option, and this mod should then work.

    @toyota12345 If I buy the staff upgrade, should there be more NPCs working on the property? or there arent any visual changes? I ask this because when I bought that upgrade, nothing changed visually.
    Also, should the product always increase every 4-8 hours? could it take more? because without upgrades, it takes much more time on my end, if it actually increases. Sometimes an entire day goes by and the product bar stays the same. It increases mostly when I just start a game, dunno if thats intentional though.
    What about saving/sleeping, does those 6-8-12 ingame hours passed count too?
    Also, I noticed that dead bodies from supplies missions never despawn, or take a big while to do so.

    12 Haziran 2020, Cuma