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    @Cyron43 oh no, another person who "used to do something" and is now here as an expert in the comments. But a real script person would not of asked what shvdn it is as they could easily download the script and see. But dude felt that his time was better spent not trying the script to see if it works for him, but to post a comment asking what version and sit and wait. Thats not how it works. Anyone with any real knowledge knows its about trying the script to see if it works. Not post and wait.

    13 Ocak 2020, Pazartesi
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    BOOM! Every week coming in with that new stuff! Thank you again!

    7 Ocak 2020, Salı
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    LOVE IT! These mods are dope!!! Have you ever thought of a tow/rescue mod? I self RP where I stick trucks stuck around the map, then use a Jeep pulling a trailer to go rescue the stuck trucks. I then detach the jeep and use the winch to pull it out, then bring it back and load up on the trailer and go bring it back. Would you ever be able to make something like that? Right now I just do it by object spooner and saving it to a database file and then load that for my play. Thanks for making friday fun! A new update to the TOW and this!!! PEACE!

    27 Aralık 2019, Cuma
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    Thank you!

    20 Aralık 2019, Cuma
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