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    @sorbas This was an awesome mod. But I agree with some that maybe you're on to other things> Fine I appreciate any whom give freely of their talent. But I do feel if that's the case you might want to let us know that you won't be addressing issues so we to can move on and not bother you. Again, Thanks for your efforts!!

    21 Ağustos 2018, Salı
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    What gamepad button do I push to fire rockets from cars after I enable Vehicle Rockets? And does it work on most vehicles? Thanks

    20 Ağustos 2018, Pazartesi
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    Nice> Very "Down-Homey". Farm worker's enjoying their Saturday night! Good job. Thanks

    18 Ağustos 2018, Cumartesi
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    @jedijosh920 Great Mod> My issue is that once inside and down the stairs the only visible light is the strobe effect in the DJ area? I was walking into walls and to dark to find my way out. I ended up having to teleport. Everything inside works ;Club names,picking DJ etc. Just to dark to see. The brightness is fine in the rest of the game, just to dark in club! Any suggestions or a solution would be appreciate.Thanks

    15 Ağustos 2018, Çarşamba
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    @sjaak327 2nd that some need to open a blind and see the "real"World! Thanks as always for your work

    12 Ağustos 2018, Pazar
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    @jonas12345 I'm with you.If it were so EZ all could do their own and we won't need any Mod Sites. Plus it's Free!! Don't like it don't use it. But as a community we should be supportive.

    10 Ağustos 2018, Cuma
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    Very Very cool. One of the best and great looking vehicles I've seen. Good Job and Thanks for sharing!!

    7 Ağustos 2018, Salı
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    Very Cool!! But one of the Fire truck spawns in different areas and positions at the Fire Station! Sometimes upside down on the roof? Small thing as the rest is well done. Great for RP> Thanks

    4 Ağustos 2018, Cumartesi
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    @JAM102970 You my friend are correct> I do use SH.net. And since the upgrade mine, thankfully, is running all the mods I have. 88 that's impressive!

    29 Temmuz 2018, Pazar
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    @JAM102970 My game is running just fine> All I replaced was the ScriptHook V. Nothing else at this point. Waiting for this to be updated and .net , But for now my Steam version is working alright.

    28 Temmuz 2018, Cumartesi