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    Yea it seems only log type trailer was "screwed".
    I've tested few trailers (with menyoo spawn and hauling mod) and only when that particular type of flatbed trailer (and no matter what cargo was on, even empty) was attached I had trouble, other flatbeds and everything else are ok.

    1 hours ago
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    Oops sorry.
    It.s not mount chilliad only but with heavy load even in a slightest climb in a city I often must drive in 1st gear ( I use ikt manual transmission mod).

    Will you be making updates to "rig" trucks so they could pull heavy load uphill? In reality trucks are able to pull loads uphill but with crawling speed.
    I have temporary "fix" for trucks with menyoo by boosting HP but when empty they become arcade crappy and I really love this mod's vehicle behaviour.

    16 hours ago
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    For me, Phantom and other "rig truck" can't move even in slightest uphill on road if trailer with heavy cargo (logs for example) is attached to it. I must add 2x horse power in menyoo to them to even make them move.
    But then I remember installing some "driving on dirt mod" and this might be my "error".

    Does it work OK for you?

    20 hours ago
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    I just wanted to ask if you could put different movement but than you already did that! GREAT!!

    Few questions.

    Can you make it having more than 1 tattoo per body part like in menyoo.

    -Can you add more movement sets ( I would prefer drunk, injured, or prostitute "maneater" ones, for my junkie trash character)

    -Add different idle animations (would like crackhead >one used by cheap prostitutes where they weave and barely stand on feet)

    -In Menyoo there is option to have entire body covered with freckles (spots), can you add that?

    Thanx for mod.. and few other you made.

    21 hours ago
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    It's getting better and better!!

    -Can you add option to change default pageup hotkey to user defined key.

    -I know it's not in scope of this mod but is it possible to have clothes preset swap by environment. For example when you step on land from water character automatically drops scuba gear.. So I want to make swimsuit preset that will be equipped when character gets into deeper water(where it starts swimming).

    Anyway keep up good work. Mod is perfect. I found out that I can have independent makeups and clothes sets which I couldn't have by any other mods.

    6 Haziran 2022, Pazartesi
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    It says that it hides "radar" but it hides minimap completely.
    I need something that hides "radar layer(blips, dots)" but still show "streets layer(static background map)".
    So far every mod(and game option) either hides streets or minimap completely but none of them hides radar only.

    4 Haziran 2022, Cumartesi
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    Works great now!!
    Essential mod, I can have different make-ups and head options pre-saved and switch flawlessly. With menyoo it would result in 99% crash chance after inital one.
    Thanks so much.

    3 Haziran 2022, Cuma
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    Have you tried character swap and open all interiors mods? With them game thinks my MP female is one of main characters and all the doors opens for me.

    3 Haziran 2022, Cuma
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    "If you want me to add a feature to hide all blips from the map"
    Does this mean hiding absolutely every blip, dot, marker that shows on map and still see minimap?
    Or you can show static blips (like ammunation, stores...) but hide dots that represent peds and vehicles?

    There are mods where minimap/radar is shown only when holding phone, but what I'm looking for is completely removing that "Spidey sense" which gives me constant pinpoint where enemy/any ped or vehicle is when I just want to check map.
    Sadly, in game options you can turn off map from minimap, but radar stays on. Can't do other way around.

    Anyway if you can disable that spidey sense even if it means hiding all blips and have an option to be toggled with configurable hotkey, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it.. Thank you 1000times.

    3 Haziran 2022, Cuma
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    Can anyone of you please share their characters? I make it, save it but nothing shows in "character" and/or "outfits" dirs.

    30 Mayıs 2022, Pazartesi