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    This is great, thanks.
    I like that you need to pay to remove stars, not just run into some place, much more realistic.

    Would it be problem to add safepoint locations coordinates in .ini, so that everyone can add/change customize them?

    8 gün önce
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    Everything works fine, .ini options too.
    But after van delivery to destination and exit out of vehicle I get teleported back to outside of families house. If this is intended action, can you please add .ini option to turn off teleport part and just leave my character at delivery location?

    9 gün önce
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    I'm not going to download it 'cause I know I won't play it, but this kind of creative thinking and mods gets my full support.

    24 Kasım 2021, Çarşamba
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    What do you think about this suggestion?
    In game we have "paper/coins" money, one that is in character's pocket and bank "wire" money.
    And then we have stock trade market where we can buy/sell/deposit/withdraw thru our phone/computers with pocket money. AND! this is what is unrealistic to me.
    IRL I can't just put and pull out coins and bills in/out of my phone... I need a "wired" money for internet transactions.
    So, what do you think about adding .ini option that you can internet trade stocks (deposit, withdraw, transfer..) and buy other internet stuff like on that site with vehicles only with "wired" money?

    Loose money on death option is great immersive thing but I can somehow cheat my way out by quickly depositing money on stocks when I'm in some dangerous zones and situations (and not lose it if I get killed) and then pull it out when in some safe area. Having this option would prevent it.

    22 Kasım 2021, Pazartesi
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    This is great.
    Will this work next to original mod or will you add something like crew.cs from original mod?

    I'm asking because I've edited original mod, but my crews are hookers with sns pistols/tasers, hobos, metheads with hammers, broken bottles, rednecks with revolvers... lots of local trash people at many locations like under bridges, abandoned motels, stinky bars, back alleys... where you can give disposable lowlife 100$ to follow you around and you just use them as cannon fodder shield..
    And would love to still have ability to have them + your mod options and crews.

    21 Kasım 2021, Pazar
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    Yes. I used same character (franklin) for testing entire mod. I've stored some money and picked up few seconds later.
    Tried with character swap too but no luck either.
    No errors of any kind in console.
    If it doesn't work for me it's probably some other mod/setting somewhere, I have tons of them.. I'll post if I manage to find where is the trouble.

    19 Kasım 2021, Cuma
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    After retrieving any amount and [grab all] from props I can't interact with props and C doesn't work anymore.
    Storing and other things work ok for me.

    18 Kasım 2021, Perşembe
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    Stored and retrieved to money pack, grave, dufflebag and it works good, but after using [grab all], C and interaction with props stops working.
    Starts working again after script reload but [grab all] stops it always.

    18 Kasım 2021, Perşembe
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    How it effects AI/NPC drivers?
    I had some other handling mod and AI was crashing everywhere. Seems like they didn't know how to handle slowing down and would hit any stopped/slower car in front of them, oversteer and crash at each corner and I see you changed braking so I was wondering about that.

    11 Kasım 2021, Perşembe