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  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    Você disponibiliza os arquivos INI. para editar os locais de compra do colete, preço e nome do produto (neste caso, colete)? Esse mod pode servir de base para vários outros tipos de mods relacionados à compra de produtos. Seria possível converter a função de comprar para vender? Isso também possibilitaria a criação de outros mods relacionados à venda de produtos.

    26 Ekim 2023, Perşembe
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    @Easytron exactly! Such a smooth driving experience. The mod community needs that shit back!

    19 Ekim 2023, Perşembe
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    Great job! You look very experienced with this. If you're not too busy, could you please take a look at the mod "Smooth Driving"? It used to offer the most realistic driving experience in GTA, but for whatever reason the developer stopped updating the mod, so it doesn't work properly anymore. And now more than 40 thousand players are missing it. Maybe you can fix it! 😁

    18 Ekim 2023, Çarşamba
  • 266e31 rocky aoki


    16 Ekim 2023, Pazartesi
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    I've been having a problem while playing with my Xbox controller. When I press RT to accelerate in a vehicle, the car only starts moving forward when the trigger is like 40% pressed down, which ruins realism. I guess it has to do with the trigger sensitivity. As soon as I press RT, even if I do it very smoothly, I'd like for the vehicle to start going very slow. Do you know how to fix that? Thanks!

    1 Eylül 2023, Cuma
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    When I save the game with the character I created, I can't restart my next game session with that character. It goes back to one of the 3 protagonists. How do I fix this?

    26 Temmuz 2023, Çarşamba
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    @CamxxCore whenever I change the camera's setting, it won't save even though I'm pressing Ctrl B. The older version would save automatically, but this one isn't. Yes, autosave is enabled in the ini file. What am I doing wrong here?

    25 Temmuz 2023, Salı
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    my camera config won't save :(

    24 Temmuz 2023, Pazartesi
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    Jesus Chirst, we need the moderator to come fix and update this mod. The game is not the same without it.

    9 Temmuz 2023, Pazar
  • 266e31 rocky aoki

    Pretty cool! In a possible future update on this mod, please consider adding interior color customization and sun roof.😉🤙

    7 Temmuz 2023, Cuma