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    @_inSANE They will always run away if they hear gunshots, explosions etc. What I did was edit relationships.dat and changed the male and female civilians to LOVE me. Now they never run away even if I shoot their friend in the face lol. There's a mod for it or you can edit the file yourself. Just do a search here for "relationship" or search in OpenIV to find the file.

    29 Mart 2016, Salı
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    Loving this mod! Hope you can help me with something - I use Impact Physics also. Your mod is working great and I'm using MODv1 so it's zombie like. What I like to do is spawn Sanchez in traffic and I have it set so hillbillies (Salton) are riding them since they always have guns and love to attack me. The problem is after 3 pistol shots they're on the ground writhing. No other peds do this but the hillbillies riding Sanchez. The 2 drivers I have set in vehicles.meta are A_M_M_Hillbilly_02 and A_M_M_Salton_01. What am I missing? Why are they on the ground in pain after 3 shots to the legs? I can always change the default ped that rides Sanchez but those hillbillies are just fun to mess with lol. Thanks in advance and also for the great mod! My pistol is set to like .1 damage so no peds die unless I hit them 10-12 times. I thought the hillbillies fell into the gang category but not sure.

    9 Mart 2016, Çarşamba
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    @Jax765 Don't waste your time with jedijosh920. He's been like that since day 1. His own mods get pumped out and then abandoned. He rarely replies to questions. He's quick to flame others and leave a 1/2 star rating for some silly bullshit. I'm not sure if he's narcissistic, jealous or just has a god complex. @MiGGousT this mod is hilarious! Great job! I never get tired of shooting peds in the groin and watching them stagger while holding their private parts that I shot off! lol - reminds me of old men with soiled adult diapers staggering to the ground. Keep those updates coming :)

    7 Mart 2016, Pazartesi
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    This is probably the best looking bus I've seen ... nice work!
    A few more screenshots wouldn't hurt ;)

    27 Ekim 2015, Salı
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    @jedijosh920 is there a reason the only time you comment is to drag other modders down and leave them a 1/2 star rating? At least this modder replies to comments and questions. Do you? (the answer is no btw) Grow up.
    @Hesham_Alking thanks for this! The only bodyguard mod that works for me 100% with no bugs. It's simple, fast and it works as described.

    25 Ekim 2015, Pazar
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    @kizacudo Thanks - I had gangs etc. set to LIKE domestic animals and guard dogs. I'll change them all to RESPECT. I set the animals to HATE peds, gangs, cops since it's pretty funny watching dogs attack and kill my enemies for me.
    I'll find the place to increase mass for animals. I think out of all the mods I have, I use this relationship file the most. Lets me alter the game behavior any way I want :)

    15 Ekim 2015, Perşembe
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    I don't know about LA but here in Houston our trucks look like this > http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7174/6720871851_94e1e3bbb9_z.jpg

    8 Ekim 2015, Perşembe
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    I hope you still monitor this mod since I use it on a daily basis constantly changing things - so.much.fun. lol Is there a way to make domestic animals invincible? I have them set to hate certain gangs, fireman etc. but the gangs shoot the dogs and kill them. Is there some .meta or .xml file I can edit to give domestic animals God mode?

    19 Eylül 2015, Cumartesi
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    @alphazolam Thanks for the explanation. I feel like I need a stop watch just to get the right throw distance lol. would love to see an .ini with options for default throw like on the Z-Y axis with Y being height and Z being length. Thanks again! ;)

    18 Eylül 2015, Cuma
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    Love the mod but maybe in a future update you could let us choose a default "lighter" throw distance. I prefer to see and hear peds I throw land closer to me (100-200 feet) rather than a mile away lol. Holding left mouse for 1.5 seconds still generates a pretty far throw. Thanks!

    16 Eylül 2015, Çarşamba