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    @BTTF V Team
    Can you guys make the Delorean Ecto-88 but with dark steel color like in Ready Player One?
    Please :D

    1 Ekim 2021, Cuma
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    This is so awesome, i used to have that as a toy many years ago :D
    I wish this was a dlc on Batman Arkham Knight!

    11 Mayıs 2021, Salı
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    Damn this is epic, i love it this mod!
    I have a request for a special model of the time machine.
    Can you make the Delorean Ecto-88 but with dark steel color like in Ready Player One?
    Please :D

    27 Şubat 2021, Cumartesi
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    I love the Tron Venom you made, like my Tron Spider-Man ;)

    1 Şubat 2020, Cumartesi
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    Oh cool, thanks :)

    29 Ocak 2020, Çarşamba
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    "Download Community Script Hook V .NET and copy the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll and ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll files into your game directory."
    What about the ini and xml?

    19 Ocak 2020, Pazar
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    Ok today i completely reinstalled everything again, but when i run as administrator the AddonPeds load and closes right before it will open, why is this happening?
    Everything was great, not anymore, got sick of this without any help.

    18 Ocak 2020, Cumartesi
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    I have an other issue suddenly after few reinstallations, the AddonPeds's memory stucked with superman, vito_mafia, MK85 and TonyTeamSuit, no matter when i delete the last two and install other addon peds, after re-opening the tool i still have the same list, i guess that is also the reason why the game crashes on loading screen, i didn't have that issue before, it was working well, even a complete uninstallation did not helped, the tool stucked with the same list, please help!

    16 Ocak 2020, Perşembe
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    I checked for the Liberty rewind (17th October 2018 Version) in CJ Modding Community discord, but i can't find it there, does not latest version of Liberty rewind work with your mod?

    10 Ocak 2020, Cuma
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    Nice skin but i was hoping for a addon mod, not that replaces iron man :/

    10 Ocak 2020, Cuma