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    @ikt CDPR released an official modtool for cyberpunk today. You should definitely port this into that game. I'd imagine you'll get support from the CP community as well.

    6 Eylül 2022, Salı
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    Make sure you use killatomate physics as a base and aquaphobic’s for most realistic handling and best ffb effect.

    6 Eylül 2022, Salı
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    For CSL DD, set FFB strength to 60-70%, damper to 5%, friction to 5%, inertia 0%, interpolation 5, the rest 100%

    6 Eylül 2022, Salı
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    Sup man. Actually with some tweaking, I got the fpv camera to behave the way I want it. The backward movement has to be set gs below .35 and backward scale to at least 1.0 to have that speed sensation.

    I do notice the rear engine cars have a weaker sound output and if you were to look back, it’ll get louder. I do love the tunnels as the fpv uses exhaust note. Maybe there’s a script to have all cars have engine sound output coming from the front. I also got my buttkicker to work with simhub using this mod working amazingly well. Apart from the sound and finicky fpv. It’s pretty damn near perfect mod.

    I preordered a yaw2 motion simulator and hope the telemetry will translate. Fun times ahead!

    2 Eylül 2022, Cuma
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    Ikt, just FYI, fpv horizon lock still working great, however, the backward movement during acceleration I’ve determined is broken after playing with the settings for a few days. Some settings would turn it off completely. I had to set the minimum gs to .35, anything above that is inconsistent. Moreover, if the car goes over a small dip or bumps, the camera moves backward then forwards in a second, almost like a rubberband effect and when going downhill it works perfect/better than when the car is on flat surface or uphill. If there’s a way you can have the backward movement the same effect no matter the slope of the road or depending on throttle input, I think would make it more immersive. If I recall, previous versions had a working g force backward pull which was consistently awesome and can really feel the speed. Just a suggestion, thank you sir!

    20 Ağustos 2022, Cumartesi
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    Good stuff! I got lock to horizon working by fiddling with the sub menu from your latest build. However, some issues I noticed, few cars sound quieter in fpv, also the backward camera movement during acceleration sometimes doesn’t work. The forward movement during braking always works though. Very immersive in VR this FPV.

    I finally tried a Fanatec wheelbase and I guess it solves the fps issue I’ve been having with this mod. Must be because Fanatec has their own drivers and don’t rely on windows generic drivers.

    Good job man! Donated some for coffee.

    16 Ağustos 2022, Salı
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    One word, WOW! This realistic handling pack beats Realistic Driving V 2.5 mod. I'm using this with a direct drive wheel and man, dare a I say, feels better than assetto corsa in some ways. Pure bliss driving in VR with MT mod and this pack! Good work my friend!

    13 Ağustos 2022, Cumartesi
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    Thanks a lot ikt! I tried it but still no luck with ticking the lock to horizon. Even in flat screen mode it still follows the car up and down movement. I do see a slight improvement in the forward and backward movement fluidity but not the up and down during bumps and elevation changes. I played around with the other movement settings to zero and still the same.

    Also tried my new simagic mini wheel and still has a dip in fps even in flat screen mode, from 120 down to 90 fps, everything in lowest quality, no msaa, except textures and shader to very high . Although, I don't see a drop in fps if settings are higher and in the 60fps range.

    Still enjoying it though, this mod would be awesome in cyberpunk! Keep up the good work man!

    12 Ağustos 2022, Cuma
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    Do a fresh gta install then install it, it works and it’s amazing with a wheel.

    20 Temmuz 2022, Çarşamba
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    No errors in the gears log. I’m using a VRS Direct Drive wheel, works phenomenal but the fps drop forced me to lower my gfx settings. Also gets choppy when on the F6 menu. Could be Luke Ross VR rendering issue…

    Another thing I want to add, I have the FPV working in VR which adds another level of immersion during braking and accelerating, cornering however, the up and down movement of the vehicle which is nausea inducing to be frank. Is there a way to lock perspective to horizon instead? I’ve turned off pitch up and down but to no avail.

    When FPV is disabled with the VR mod using the Gyroscope feature of Luke’s RealVR.ini it works great because the camera is locked to horizon. Hopefully you can implement something similar with the FPV camera. Thanks again for this amazing mod!

    19 Temmuz 2022, Salı