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    @Lil'Cub bro can u share me hair files personally ,pls on my discord server

    9 Şubat 2021, Salı
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    @sadboi21 _found those mods but unable to download , can someone pls share me below mods to me if they still have the copy(actually this same guy created mods for trevor as well as franklin with clothes and haie textures)


    9 Şubat 2021, Salı
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    19 Şubat 2019, Salı
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    ive a laptop keyboard ,so how can i change the default hotkeys ?

    4 Şubat 2019, Pazartesi
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    Facing the same problem while trying to copy yur oac files from folder

    Some files not imported, more information below.

    lightning_strike_03.oac(Line 16): File "lightning_strike_03\0x08FE79B2.wav" not found.

    thunder_roll_01.oac(Line 16): File "thunder_roll_01\0x128286B6.wav" not found.

    thunder_roll_02.oac(Line 16): File "thunder_roll_02\0x15CF4BD3.wav" not found.

    thunder_roll_03.oac(Line 16): File "thunder_roll_03\0x078BA877.wav" not found.

    lightning_strike_01.oac(Line 16): File "lightning_strike_01\0x06DEABF4.wav" not found.

    lightning_strike_02.oac(Line 16): File "lightning_strike_02\0x0B84B0CA.wav" not found.

    30 Haziran 2018, Cumartesi
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    This mod is awesome!

    I have an idea to make this zombie mod more scarier than ever
    As I have already installed open all interior mod ,adding these zombie inside all interior would make anyone freak out.
    Additionally It would be scary if zombie sound are used
    Resident evil4 -https://youtu.be/ii0d6x7mNxo

    For those who doesn't understand my bad english,the whole idea is to re-create this-https://youtu.be/QENCwMUmJCU

    9 Haziran 2018, Cumartesi
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    Yes u can.enjoy

    9 Haziran 2018, Cumartesi
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    Best mod for reshade

    31 Mayıs 2018, Perşembe