1970-71 Ferrari 512M [Add-On | Extras] 1.2


This is my third car mod on this game. :D

Info about this car: The Ferrari 512M is a Ferrari 512S but modified (M, as in 512M means 512 modificato, modified in italian), it's first win was in 1970, 12 Hours of Sebring, its Top Speed is 190 mph and uses a V12 from Ferrari.

installation: unzip the folder and copy the 512m folder to dlcpacks, which is in update/x64, then go to then go to update.rpf/common/data/ and there will be a file named addthisline.xml, (not in the game, but in the folder where the 512m dlcpack is.) copy the line below to update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml.
high quality model
light cover extras (and spoiler)
comes in Penske livery, Filipinetti livery, and Team Gelo racing livery
detailed wheels
great light placement
rearlights work perfectly

bugs I might fix (some I can, and some not.):
unbreakable glass (collision bugs)

(Fixed & added)

Much Better interior with much more detailed steeringwheel.
Added cylinders for a more realistic look.
Engine is a bit more detailed.
Added a more detailed seat.
2 Versions with old and new tires.
The Bonnet, Doors and Hood are a lot more detailed.
Working rear & front lights.
Added mirrors
Doors close when opened.
Fixed tire textures

(Bugs I'm aware of)

Car will not stay still.
Mirrors have reflection bugs.
under the Hood, there is a part based off of the real car, just has low quality reflections.
Light glass has low quality reflections.

This model completely belongs to gamemodels for ripped model, and thanks to CSR Classics for the car. Also, link to the model is right here:

Why I made this car?: this became my favorite car when the_carbuilder uploaded the 512M as his profile picture. I like old cars from old motorsport anyway.
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