2008 Ford F-550 Flatbed Tow Truck [4k livery, ELS, Multi-Livery Setup] 1.0


Version 1.0.3
Fixed the Vehicle so lights work with AI (Thank you to LSPDFR User @frienno for the how to)
Fixed the vehicle so the doors now work properly (Thank you to LSPDFR user @Elope for the how to)
Fixed the vehicle doors so they open properly without making the truck bounce.
(As of this Version NO KNOWN issues). If you find any please leave them in the comments for me to investigate.

Hello Everybody,

So I started to notice with @Albo1125 new update to his Arrest Manager script that when I was towing vehicles away it was making more use of the Flatbed Tow Truck instead of the regular tow truck. So I decided to make a Ford Flatbed Tow Truck so I could have another custom truck to match with my other Tow Truck model.

So I bring to you a 2008 Ford F-550 Flatbed Tow Truck with a 4k Livery for AAA Tow Trucks that is setup for ELS and makes use of the ELS Arrowboard Function. I've included TWO versions of the model. I've included an AI version that leaves the board in the standing position (As AI tow's don't flip up the board and utilize it with ELS) and Human Version which is the one you can see in the demo video below.

If you find any other issues other than the known issues please leave them in the comments section below so I may address them.

-What this file comes with-
- AI Version (The board is already in the up position as AI don't utilize the Arrow Board Function of ELS)
- Human Version (This one is in the demo video below. It is setup to utilize the Arrow Board Function but will not work unless you are driving the Truck)
- My ELS File Setup for the vehicle so that the Arrow board Works properly.
- A Template so YOU TO Can Create Your Own Liveries or To Add to this one
- 4K Livery that is on the vehicle already assigned

-Known Issues-
-Doors do not open. You simply just pop out and back in when entering and exiting the truck. Fix is unknown at this point. If you know send me a PM and i'll address it. I don't know how much I'll pursue fixing it as I usually just call for a tow truck rather than operate it so the driver doesn't get out anyways to where it won't bother me.
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