Lincoln Town Car 1979 Limousine [Add-on]


Ah yes, the late 70s, roller disco, big poofy hair, fuel-rationing, and a luxurious low-slung land barge doing 80mph on Morningwood boulevard while being chased by two motorcycle cops with skin-tight uniforms while their theme song plays in the background, 7-Mary-3 and 4 responding! A special thanks to @go-mango-superbird for making this t masterpiece into a limousine and also for the description.
Original model: go-mango-superbird / Mikeyboy242424
GTA V convert: Mikeyboy242424
screenshots by: Mikeyboy242424 / go-mango-superbird
handling and optimizing DLC by Mikeyboy242424
Breakable glass
Working lights
Seat's perfectly
Working doors

Version 1.0
Contains detailed instructions for the Add-On versions.
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