Maibatsu Mule Flatbed [Add-On | Replace] 2.2


Mule Flatbed is one of many trucks used in Los Santos, you can encounter some of them carrying containers, possibly with drugs or suffocated people inside them or tankers, possibly with hazardous materials or meth juice inside them, or bales, possibly with hidden drugs inside them, despite there are three speculations on the truck, the truck is still popular among the working class, don't believe the myths.
Maibatsu Corporation

I really want a Japanese flatbed truck in game, so I decided to use Mule as the base for the truck, this Mule has working collisions, that means you can walk on the flatbed normally. This mod supports both replace and add-on, however you have to edit the vehicles.meta if you're going with the replace method.

- mule5

- Proper collisions and optimized LODs
- Breakable glass
- Four new extras

- Rockstar Games - Vehicle models
- TheF3nt0n - Model editing
- _CP_ - Converted GTA IV vehicles
- Nailbiter - Bug fixes
- RafaelSousaSam - Screenshots

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 2.0 - Added a crane extra
- 2.1 - Fixed the bed position and added glass shards
- 2.2 - Changed the model name

Do not upload this mod to another site without permission from me.
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