Principe Lectro Nitrous + KERS Disabling

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Dunno why I went full on tacky with the image here. I slick kinda hate it. Anyway, what I did here was just slap the Arena War nitrous onto the Lectro. That way the special ability bar actually has a use. You still gotta apply the boost mod using a trainer. I tried LSC & Benny's, but they don't seem to work. Nevertheless, nitrous.
To get the exhaust flames to appear, you'll need to have had an Arena War Contender vehicle (or any modded vehicle that has a nitro option, i.e. Requiem ZR, Dominator GTS, etc) spawn in the world.

As always, back up ya game just in case, not responsible for destroyed systems, blah blah. Enjoy


Added the option to fully disable the KERS boost (which doesn't work natively in SP anyway) and enable the horn. This also includes disabling the special ability bar when riding the Lectro. Instructions are included in the optional folder.
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