Shrewsbury Veterans Pistol (VP-897) [Animated] 1.1 (Replace Fix)

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Straight from the blacksmiths of boomsticks that armed your great-granddad's unit when trench foot was the least of his worries, we proudly present the Shrewsburry Veterans Pistol. It's as American as apple pie laced with liberty and lead. Chambered in the thunderous .45 ACP, this piece of Americana barks louder than any drill sergeant from here to Hanoi. Crafted with the kind of steel that shrugged off two World Wars and flirted with 'Nam, this isn't just a sidearm—it's a time-traveler with a trigger. When your grandpa talks about turning the tide in the Battle of the Bulge, he’s probably waving one of these bad boys around (close your eyes and you can almost smell the cordite and stale cigarettes).

With a grip as familiar as the lingering notion that high school football was your glory days, and a reliability that would make even the most overbearing mother-in-law seem unpredictable, the Shrewsburry Veterans Pistol is ready to jazz up your arsenal with a hint of 40s swing and a whole lot of kick – it's from an era when men were steel and ships were wood. Mod it with some class—a wood grain finish, or keep it covert with an all-black, funeral-for-your-enemies paint job. Legend has it if you listen closely, you'll hear the echoes of FDR's fireside chats every time the hammer falls. And remember, it's not just a choice in self-defense; it's a declaration of freedom – with a side of "Get off my lawn!"

Lorified Colt M1911A1, The weapon is a replacer for the vintage pistol in singleplayer and the option to do replace or addon for FiveM since I don't do enough in singleplayer to know how to make it an addon.


- Various tints available
- Working weapon animations and suppressor attachment.
- Working first person view and functional sights.
- Custom magazines.

Known Issues:

Flashlight doesn't attach, it has no rail.. dont use it.

You can find out what I'm working on and project releases & wips here right on my Discord



Simply extract the files from the archive and place them into resource folder with a __resource or fxmanifest.

REPLACE Singleplayer

Simply extract the files from the archive and place them into any .rpf archive from a recent update. Alternatively, you can opt for adding modded weapons into an addon DLC and remember, use your bloody mods folder.


Simply extract the files to your resource folder for your server, go to your server.cfg and start the resource with "start vp897".

(NO Addon for Singleplayer yet as I've not figured that out yet.)

Now, in-game, you can spawn the pistol using the spawn name: WEAPON_VP897
Have fun


Free for all to use in FiveM, singleplayer, etc.
Do not convert this model to work with other games.


Rockstar Games - Shrewsbury Logo & Brand
AllenKennedy - Assistance with tints & fixing some issues


Renamed Heavy Pistol replace to Vintage Pistol for better sight allignment.
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