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MurMods Furniture Pack

Descriptions and features:

A furniture pack that fits well with scripts like Housing Script [Quasar], Menyoo, Map Editor, Prop Spawner.
If you like to decorate your house - this pack is for you!



Before you put the map into "resources" folder, make sure that the games are set to "sv_enforceGameBuild 2545+"
If not, put this line in your server.cfg
After, you can put the "murm_dec_pack" to "resources" folder, then open server.cfg and add line "ensure murm_dec_pack".

Single Player:

Copy this folder into "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks"
Then add the following link to the bottom of your dlclist.xml which is located at "mods/update.rpf/common/data"


Please do not reupload this anywhere without my prior permission. If you are going to use this in a mod showcase YouTube video please link back to the original mod.


Terms of USE:

The use of these assets is exclusively reserved for private use.
GREENcom'e reserves the right to commercialize these assets.
It is not allowed to resell these assets/props.
It is not allowed to resell these assets/props through a ".ymap" or a MLO.

-Max Greenberg - 3D Models
-Mur Mods - 3D Models

More information and interiors in the discord group:
GREENcome Mapping
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