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This map adds emergency services in visible places. From patrols to manned police stations. From checkpoints to ambient events. All peds have their own tasks and should go about their business. It takes a lot of fine tuning to get the timing and AI exactly as I want, so you still might see AI doing some unintended dumb things. Let me know if you see a bug so I can fix it right away.

At this moment the mod features:

Sandy Shores
  • Ambient ambulance
  • Bike patrol
  • Manned sheriff's office + sheriff SUV's
  • Manned fire station + firetruck

  • Paleto Bay
  • Highway Patrol surveillance
  • Manned police station + FIB car

  • Grapeseed
  • Street patrol
  • Highway Patrol surveillance

  • Great Ocean Highway (Interstate 1)
    These checkpoints are added at the exact border between Blaine and Los Santos county.
  • Two checkpoints at the eastern side of the (inter)state. They are not enormously visible as they aren't meant to stop you or slow you down.
  • One checkpoint at the western side of the (inter)state near the Zancudo river. This one is very visible and in future releases this one will be extended to a DUI/license checkpoint.
  • A permanent CCTV checkpoint at the beginning of the western side of the interstate. This one is meant to check license plates for unpaid citations and active warrants.

  • Planned features
  • Add personnel to all police stations
  • Add emergency patrols in empty locations
  • Add various related ambient events through San Andreas
  • Optimize the AI as best as I can
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