Blood and Decals diversity 2.5



-reworked the wounds some more now headshots,wounds,exit wounds and blood soaking will feel messier.
-There are now 25 real life inspired hand made blood pools and 36 realistic blood splatters for great diversity.
-new blood puff fx like in action movies and blood trail only for headshots and neck,leg artery where it makes sense.
-many bullet holes variations for walls,glass,metal,wood.
-All textures have proper mip maps for great optimisation.


Thanks:wyruzzah for letting me know about texture optimisation and mip maps

i highly recommend this brain pieces mod

2.5 - Reworked the wounds and exit wounds a bit,and the soaking effect.
-Added more pools to the loop now there are a whoping 25 unique hand made blood pools randomly spawning.
-Added blood splatters on vehicles when running peds over.
-knife kills cause bleedout.
2.4 - After lots of editing i added mip maps to all textures it should improve texture streaming optimisation and help specially with lower end pcs,gta v is very picky about mip maps and my textures res was very random it is why nobody bothers to do it
-reworked the wounds some more,better exit wounds,bumpier wounds etc.
-added a no trail oiv as i found a small bug because of it and i tried and tried to fix it but i cant figure it,when swiming there is some blood around the hands splashing,i prefer the trail but if that bothers you alot,install the no trail oiv after my mod is installed.
2.3 -fixed the black sniper blood pool,tweaked the wounds exit wounds some more made pools a tad smaller tweaked the soaking etc.
2.2 -Massive overhaul,added and replaced more splatters and blood pools,all inspired straight from real life forensics pictures and gore videos there are 20 blood pools in total this is a grittier update.
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