Cayo Perico Refined for SP 1.2



Cayo Perico Refined ensures the island feels more enjoyable with removed invisible barriers, use of dynamic doors for the El Rubio mansion, plus an opened gate for the mansion to allow vehicle access and much more. The mod also includes removal of invisible barriers outside the beach party area where the wired fences are located, the back of the DJ stage for the beach party zone & also removed all invisible barriers for boats so you can now crash into the terrain without an invisible wall blocking you from doing so.


Let's begin by installing the mod and getting into the basics. Please make sure to have Simple Trainer and ScriptHookV already installed. These are required to load the Cayo Perico map. If you do not have them acquired please install them now.

#1. Launch OpenIV
#2. Copy "spcayopatch" from the ZIP contents to the following file path 'Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks'
#2. Open update.rpf in 'Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf'
#3. Head to the following file path 'Grand Theft Auto
#4. Open dlclist.xml
#5. Add the following entity to the file
#6. Please open the game and enable MP maps in Simple Trainer to load the Cayo Perico map (please make sure to update to the latest version of Simple Trainer!)

Update Changelog History

Update changelog:0.1
• Removed the invisible collision outside the Beach Party area where the wired fences are located
• Removed all boat blocker invisible collision

Update changelog: 1.0
• Dynamic doors added for El Rubio Compound/Mansion
• Adjusted El Rubio Compound/Mansion gates to allow player access into the property via a vehicle
• The front security door at El Rubio Compound/Mansion is now enterable to access inside the property
• Swift Helicopter added outside El Rubio compound on the Helicopter Pad
• Removed invisible collision for the Beach Party DJ stage

Update changelog: 1.1
• Fixed an issue with LODs at the El Rubio Mansion

Update changelog: 1.2
• Fixed a LOD issue with the Island Tower from not appearing in the far distance
• El Rubio Mansion/Compound front gates are now fully dynamic with changed rotation to match what is represented during the Heist
• The underwater gate below El Rubio mansion has been removed and can be explored freely

• DexyFex - CodeWalker
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