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Always wanted to do this...and since Rockstar missed the opportunity to do so, it was my turn!

To the ones who have played Daytona USA by Sega (or is a general Sega fan) the Hornet High-Class needs no introduction, but it was a bit disappointing to not see it as a Livery for the Hotring Sabre, so...I headed out on a mission, to recreate the Hornet's paint scheme but, at the same time, making it a lore-friendly paintjob, something that you would actually see in-game.

All of the sponsors are standard in the GTAV universe, and in order to really do justice to the original Daytona USA car, I also did my version of the more prominent logos, for example:
-The Hornet's name has been altered to Sabre (for obvious reasons)
-Bonnet/Hood logo has now 2 crossed sabres, in the style (more or less) like the original logo
-Since the Hotring Sabre is in the Sport car class, it made sense to change the "High-Class" to "Sport-Class"
-Trunk "Gallop Racing" logo has been changed to "Hayes Auto Shop" (an in-game sponsor) and altered to make it look as close as possible to the original


Just replace the file provided (hotring_livery2.yft) with the one on:
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