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Open-source and lore-friendly alternative to Open All Interiors script.

Installation: simply extract both ASI and ini files inside the game's root directory (where you have installed GTA:V, not inside the "scripts" folder).

It does not include the latest online interiors (from MPmaps), but it does include various optimizations for low-end hardware and story mode compatibility.

This mod is NOT compatibile with MPmaps, disable them before installing.
This mod SHOULD be compatibile with Map Fixes by Alex106.

Use the INI to configure it to your liking (enable blips, disable specific interiors...) and use the F3 key (while not in the pause menu) to toggle blips on or off.

If you have completed the game but still want interiors like Vangelico and Lester's Factory to be open, disable the "StoryCompatibility" option inside the INI.
To disable blips for online interiors change the "BlipsOnlineApartments" option to "false" inside the INI.
Key bindings can be changed inside the INI using MS virtual keycodes.

Requires ScriptHookV

v2.0 - Changelog:
- Most of the code has been rewritten to resemble Rockstar's way of handling the door system, should also improve performance
- Fixed quick saving and loading while inside an apartment
- Most barriers are now unlocked automatically (can be toggled inside the INI)
- Functioning sliding doors have been added:
      - 24 gates around the map, they open both while on foot or in a vehicle (can be toggled inside the INI)
      - Union Depository elevators (teleports to the vault)
- Opened Michael's bathroom window, it automatically closes when it's raining to be more realistic
- Miscellaneous - Unlocked:
      - Josh Bernstein's House Gates
      - Epsilon Center Gates
      - Cletus Ewing's House Gate

v1.4.1 - Changelog: Fixed mission compatibility.

v1.4 - Changelog: Fixed crashes and teleports, general improvements. Thanks for the feedback!

v1.3 - Changelog: The key to toggle blips can now be changed inside the INI using MS virtual keycodes. Interior streaming has been greatly improved and many bugs were fixed.

v1.2 - Changelog:
Interiors added:
      Low-end Apartments (teleport, already enabled in SP map)
      13 Medium Apartments (teleport, already enabled in SP map)
      17 High-end Apartments (teleport, already enabled in SP map)
      FIB building floors 47, 49, 53 (teleport inside lobby elevators)
      Los Santos County Coroner Office (teleport)
      Union Depository Vault (teleport inside UN Parking)
      Humane Lab's lower floor (teleport)
      Solomon's Office (teleport)
      The Motor Motel Room (teleport)
      Ace Liquor
      Simeon's Showroom Office
      "Imagineering room" inside the LifeInvader building
      Removed the grate at the entrance of the Humane Labs cooling tunnels
      New entrance at the Clucking Bell Farms
      LSPD Auto Impound Gate
      Mission Row Impound Lot
      FIB lobby elevators
      Vinewood Hills Garage
      Vagos doors near the beach
      Pier 400 Gates
      Garage in front of "Alpha Mail Couriers"
      Stab City Trailer
New Functionalities:
      Blip Toggle in-game (F3 to activate while NOT in pause menu)
      Story compatibility can now be disabled (Vangelico will remain open after the heist etc.)
      Story blips and online apartments blips can be disabled separately (enabled by default)
      Improved compatibility with missions & story mode
      Updated natives and optimized code
      Fixed numerous bugs

v1.1 - Changelog: Added blips and INI config. All interiors and blips can be disabled via INI. Disabled interiors won't show blips on the map.

Safehouses (unlocked for everyone):
1. Clinton Residence (Franklin's Aunt House)
2. 3671 Whispymound Drive (Franklin's Mansion)
3. Michael's House
4. Trevor's Trailer

Mission Interiors:
1. Premium Deluxe Motorsport (Simeon's Showroom) & Office
2. Lester's House
3. Darnell Bros. Factory (Leaster's Factory)
4. Lifeinvader Office & Imagineering room
5. Floyd's Apartment
6. Vangelico Jewelry Store
7. Max Renda Construction Site
8. FIB Lobby & floors 47, 49, 53 (teleport inside lobby elevators)
9. Hayes Autos Chopshop (Devin Weston's Chop Shop)
10. Tequi-la-la
11. Maze Bank Arena (Fame or Shame)
12. Clucking Bell Farms
13. Grand Banks Steel Foundry
14. Epsilon Encounter Room
15. Harvey Molina's Apartment (Janitor's House)
16. O'Neil Ranch
17. Rogers Salvage & Scrap (Scrapyard)
18. Humane Lab & lower floor (teleport)
19. Omega's Garage
20. Blaine County Savings Bank
21. Dignity Yacht
22. SS Bulker Container Ship
23. Union Depository Vault (teleport inside UN Parking)
24. Union Depository Parking
25. Raven Slaughterhouse
26. Solomon's Office (teleport)
27. Ace Liquor (Meth lab)
28. Los Santos County Coroner Office (teleport)
29. The Motor Motel Room (teleport)

Unused Interiors:
1. Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office
2. Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office
3. Mission Row Police Station Captain's Office & Armery
4. North Yankton Surveillance Room
5. Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank Vault
6. Fleeca Banks Vaults

Online Interiors (MPmap is NOT loaded for these):
1. 9 Low-end Apartments (teleport)
2. 13 Medium Apartments (teleport)
3. 17 High-end Apartments (teleport)

1. Los Santos Naval Port Gates (Merryweather's Dock)
2. Vanilla Unicorn Back Door
3. Pier 400 Gates
4. Garage Near Union Depository
5. Garage in front of "Alpha Mail Couriers"
6. Impound Lot (Mission Row)
7. Vinewood Hills Garage
8. Stab City Trailer
9. Vagos doors near the beach
10. LSPD Auto Impound Gate

Total: 88

Full Map

Source on GitHub

If you find a bug leave a comment and I'll try to fix it, feedback is always appreciated.
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