Lost Wallets 1.0

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This small mod adds randomly spawning wallets on sidewalks. Finders keepers!

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

- MS_BETWEEN_ATTEMPTS: Milliseconds between wallet spawn attempts. (Default: 30000)
- SPAWN_RANGE: Range of the wallet spawn location search around the player. (Default: 30.0)
- SPAWN_CHANCE: Spawn chance of a wallet, 0.0 being 0% and 1.0 being 100%. (Default: 0.03)
- HIGHLIGHT_WALLETS: Whether spawned wallets get an icon on the minimap as they might be hard to notice during gameplay. (Default: True, use False to disable)
- MIN_CASH: Minimum cash received for picking up a wallet. (Default: 80)
- MAX_CASH: Maximum cash received for picking up a wallet. (Default: 400)
- SPAWN_CHANCE_MULTIPLIERS entries: These values allow you to change wallet spawning chances based on zone scumminess as defined by Rockstar. For example, increasing the multiplier for ZONE_TYPE_POSH will make more wallets spawn in rich areas and reducing the multiplier for ZONE_TYPE_CRAP will make less wallets spawn in poor areas.

- Script Hook V (and its requirements)
- Script Hook V .NET v3.6.0 (and its requirements)

- Glowing Pickups by kagikn greatly improves the visibility of lost wallets at night.

Source code is available on GitHub.
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