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    @GeroX RAGEPluginHook is an exe file. I just boot my game without booting the hook. I ended up removing it completely from my install as I wasn't using it for much anyway.

    7 Eylül 2018, Cuma
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    For those having issues with vehicles loading at game start but not unlocking, I fixed this by disabling RAGEPluginHook on my system. The mod works flawlessly now. Interestingly, I can also get the mod to work by disabling a number of mods. Doesn't matter which mods, just a certain number of them. So maybe a memory allocation issue?

    16 Ağustos 2018, Perşembe
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    @sjaak327 This is an awesome trainer. The only trainer I've tried and used since purchasing this game.
    Quick question about the new vehicle damage multiplier. Is it meant to only affect other vehicles and not the current player vehicle?

    31 Ocak 2018, Çarşamba
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    @LtFlash Hi. Is it possible to create more than 1 company? I'd like to have different companies for buses, trucks, coaches, etc. but when I add a new company, I don't see it unless I disable other companies. i.e. I can only have 1 company in the folder at a time.

    30 Aralık 2016, Cuma
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    @Guadmaz Hi there. Fantastic mod. It took a short while to get used to the gamepad controls for moving and rotating, but now I'm a master at it (if only in my own mind).

    I wonder if you could allow vehicles to be teleported through the markers. At the moment, I drive a car into a marker and I teleport on foot to the destination.

    23 Nisan 2016, Cumartesi
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    @esrohraw Hi there. This thing is awesome. Just one issue, though. The outer left rear wheel sits lower than the rest of them, causing it to sometimes lock up. Otherwise, sweet!

    5 Nisan 2016, Salı
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    @1feihu No worries. Its a minor bug, considering what this mod brings to the game. while the car refuels, I move down the menu a couple of steps, press R, car starts, I'm on my way. Easy. :)

    25 Ocak 2016, Pazartesi
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    Hi there. Great mod, as usual.
    Just one issue for me. I pull up to the pump. Press E to open menu. Put fuel in. If I press R now to close menu, my car will not start. If I move the choice to transmission oil (even if I don't replace the tranny oil) then close the menu, my car will start every time.

    25 Ocak 2016, Pazartesi
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    Awesome, brilliant mod. Registered just to rate this mod 5 stars. Took me a while to get this version to play nice with some other mods I have installed but it works just fine now. Curiously, I had to rename it to make it compatible.

    I have a suggestion. I don't know if its even possible, but can you add a contact to the phone so when you run out of fuel, you need to make a phonecall for assistance. There's CamxxCore's IFruit Addon that lets modders customize the ingame phone. This would really make for even more immersion.

    4 Ocak 2016, Pazartesi