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  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @littlefilms Ahh, it's possible yes. That's a bug of me something I forgot to add. When you set it to off the code doesn't recognize low medium or high text so it will rage and spawns every 1ms. Need to fix it.

    5 Nisan 2019, Cuma
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @IGTA Thanks for asking! You are allowed to do that, but please put a link to this file here, so when there is a update people can notice it. Also credit me, and put my video links on your site. Thanks!

    27 Mart 2019, Çarşamba
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    @nhokmar2408 Hello, no they are not the same mods. Also I am not the developer of the Online Random Event for SP mod, and haven't colaborate with its developer. So it's not possible to put it together as only this mod is mine. Also Online Random Event for SP is more based on 'missions' rather than events like random police chases or other code 3 events.

    19 Mart 2019, Salı
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    If you still have some nice ideas for coming updates, please let me know in comments below! Thanks :D

    16 Mart 2019, Cumartesi
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @Aegon Make sure you enter "low" or "medium" instead of "Low", make sure you enter all characters in lowercase. Otherwise the game doesn't recognize the setting and spawns every millisecond. If this doesn't work I will check it tonight.

    14 Mart 2019, Perşembe
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @Aegon Looks like there is something wrong with timing. Will check it tommorow!

    13 Mart 2019, Çarşamba
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    Additional known issues in version 1.1b are mainly:

    * No removal of unused armored tuck events (which you already heist).
    * Not more than 5 armored truck events.

    If you want to use more armored truck events you can reload the mod (Insert key) and enable it again.

    13 Mart 2019, Çarşamba
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @Pzera Thanks for voting! Well, the ambulances and firetrucks are litarally ramming on other cars. They don't care. Spawned police officers from an event will still shoot you even after your wanted level is zero. This is because of their relationship with you, I think. Maybe I could think about a workaround to avoid this.

    Also I will write down the "cops and/or criminals idle when killed enemy and not doing anything" 'bug'. So I could make it that way they get in the car and drive away when they finished their job (killing cop or ciminal).

    Adding grenades to more random people is possible, but will make it less realistic, as this mod is supposed to be more realistic. Probably I will make a "realistic/chaos" option in the config (config released in next update).

    12 Mart 2019, Salı
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    At the moment I'm very busy with my job as webdeveloper and not planning any updates at this moment.. I hope I have time to release one soon. But it's a bit difficult for me to combine modding, keeping up my youtube channel and being a webdeveloper and also work 40h/week as software developer.

    I really love modding and being creative developing mods and maintining my YouTube channel but with only a few hours a week it's to less time to maintain.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll do my best for you guys :)

    Thanks for your understanding.

    8 Mart 2019, Cuma
  • D40ec7 avatar256

    @neogeo39 did you see other events spawn like ambulances and firetrucks (including drivers driving to random location) at the moment you haven't got any shootout? If not, probably the game has been spawned to much with objects. In the case the game is overspawned of objects by this mod of other mod which is spawning objects, I can't even spawn a car or ped from trainer.

    4 Mart 2019, Pazartesi