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  • A80051 download

    @AzzRahHell You're welcome ^^

    21 Mayıs 2023, Pazar
  • A80051 download

    @LTG01 Thanks !

    25 Şubat 2023, Cumartesi
  • A80051 download

    @21kDark do you use the menyoo trainer?
    >> if you use it, you may accidentally activate the feature [ Ignored by everyone ] in the player options section :)
    >> or any trainers and mods that prevent you from being attacked by zombies

    23 Şubat 2023, Perşembe
  • A80051 download

    very good mod, everything goes well, the menu display is also very simple and easy to understand, :)

    >> I will wait for the next update, such as collisions, tire marks on the highway or in the sand
    >> and also repairs to the ghost of a motorbike driver who is always standing

    23 Şubat 2023, Perşembe
  • A80051 download

    @VRXswifty you can set it according to your wishes

    go to your gta v folder > script folder > ZombiesMod.ini


    20 Şubat 2023, Pazartesi
  • A80051 download

    @SenShiza You're welcome, :)

    12 Şubat 2023, Pazar
  • A80051 download

    @SenShiza does the zombie attack on you have no effect at all? or zombies try to attack you with 1 strike and you die immediately? if you also have this kind of problem try go to your gta folder and delete this :

    ( "DamageEngine.asi ) and ( DamageEngine.ini" )

    usually the attack bug comes from this file, from the pickup mod :)

    11 Şubat 2023, Cumartesi
  • A80051 download

    nice car i like it, add some livery it will look more nice

    10 Şubat 2023, Cuma
  • A80051 download

    @SenShiza you can manage zombie health, ( go to your gta folder > scripts > ZombiesMod.ini )

    ZOMBIE_HEALTH = 750 < change according to your wishes

    ⚠ lowering zombie health can save your bullets

    10 Şubat 2023, Cuma
  • A80051 download

    This mod is pretty good, it's just that some of the features of this mod need updating, one of which is the appearance of zombies. zombies and vehicles will only appear when the player is facing backwards or in another direction, and also after a few minutes of playing the merryweather loot will no longer appear (unless you have to restart the script with the scripthookv reload feature in your gta files)

    6 Şubat 2023, Pazartesi