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    Overall pretty nice, it's good to see some more obscure aircraft becoming available in GTA V as mods. There's one problem though. The aircraft's pitch seems to be rather wonky, tilts too excessively (especially downwards), and doesn't want to fly horizontally.

    17 Mart 2022, Perşembe
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    @Suzerain001 Do you have the Pak file limit adjuster perhaps? If not then there's a likelyhood that the game crashed because it simply cannot load that many pak files.

    5 Şubat 2022, Cumartesi
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    Also, I found that this mod has a tendency to mess with the vehicle spawns, sometimes when you get a special vehicle to steal, and said vehicle is scripted to spawn in the popgroup.ymt, then the game will literally spawn this type of car all over the place, this can be helpful if said vehicle has a rather low spawn rate, but less so when you are trying to find other vehicles to deliver.

    Thankfully, making the time go slower such as using real time duration on simple trainer does make these special vehicles pop up less frequently.

    1 Şubat 2022, Salı
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    Pretty nice mod, gives you an easy source of money and reminds me what this game is about in an age of jet bikes and gravity guns. But there are a few issues.

    First of all, once I also managed to get the ERROR code a few of the others have mentioned, the error occured when I was leaving LSC in a wanted car, after I have repaired and resprayed it. I restarted the game and it went back to normal.

    The second is with a special car, an Itali GTB Custom located in Lake Vinewood Estates, I managed to steal it, loose the cops, and took it to an LSC to get repaired, but when I arrived at a garage and tried to leave it inside, it just told me that this car is not needed, even though the car is still marked as the "target vehicle" on the map.

    31 Ocak 2022, Pazartesi
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    For those who cannot spawn it, download the 2K textures ytd file and use it replace the default 4K one. The reason it cannot spawn is either because your PC has trouble processing the 4K textures, or it's because the default ytd file is just too big for OpenIV to handle and becomes corrupted.

    Also, is it possible to make custom weapons for this plane? Almost every other fighter mod you release has custom weapons, but this one simply reuses the default Lazer missiles which are really lame.

    18 Ocak 2022, Salı
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    Another fine jet to add to the collection. Also, out of curiosity? Does this mean that the MiG 1.44 was cut during Ace Combat 7's development?

    25 Aralık 2021, Cumartesi
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    Pretty nice liveries here, the issue is 8K seems to be too much for OpenIV to handle, attempting to import them usually results in the textures becoming corrupted. Compressing them didn't work either as the car still doesn't spawn. Can you release them in 4K at least?

    23 Aralık 2021, Perşembe
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    For those who have issues spawning the car after adding the liveries, this is because for some reason, the other textures for the car becomes corrupted after the liveries are added. It seems to happen mainly with this car and the California T.

    8 Aralık 2021, Çarşamba
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    What can I say, complete and utter disaster, spend quite a while trying to install the mod, managed to spawn it, the model looks overall nice, there's no license plate but I'm willing to overlook that. But guess what? The axle width is somehow adjusted incorrectly and the right side wheels are placed too far inward!

    But with all due seriousness, is the concept of simple convenience too much to ask from you? Unlike the majority of other modders who release individual fully functional vehicle mods. You have to force us to download another one of your mod just to be able to use this one. And we have to manually update the files ourselves! I have never seen a more complicated to install car mod. Can you at least at bare minimum update the mod pack yourself or just release it as a standalone DLC.rpf?

    Oh and speaking of which, you just HAVE to package in a bunch of other vehicles into every one of your mods (sometimes not even mentioning it) which left me with less space on my hard drive AND a bunch of (sometimes unwanted) cars with individual mod kit IDs that I have to painstakingly verify and edit one by one so that they don't conflict with vehicles from the base game or my other add on vehicles. And it appears that some of the mod kit IDs are for cars that are not even included in this pack. Has it ever came across to you that it's troublesome to include a bunch of extra baggage on every mod you put out?

    20 Kasım 2021, Cumartesi
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    Really cool paintjob, buddy. But I have to ask, do we really need this many fake vents pasted all over the place? IMO it just makes the whole thing feel cheap.

    17 Kasım 2021, Çarşamba