San Andreas
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  • C46b59 cheezit

    its hilarious watching the pilots fly...

    26 Kasım 2023, Pazar
  • C46b59 cheezit

    folks remember when you spawn the gun you gotta type WEAPON_M16A1
    ill sum my appreciation of this mod up with a quote from Full Metal Jacket
    Animal Mother: "Hardcore man... F***ing Hardcore."

    24 Kasım 2023, Cuma
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @Nym removing the name from the windshield is easy... make to have openiv.. go to
    Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\99viper\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\99vipervehicles.rpf\

    find ytd open it ...
    find "vehicle_viper_glasswindows.dds"

    copy it out and edit it in a paint.net or photoshop type of program and you just delete the words... save the file

    throw it into the ytd... save that and you should be good to go

    16 Kasım 2023, Perşembe
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @Khorne to be honest i am not experienced with that specific mod. i elected not to play my add ons for npc use. due to the performance issues. i've seen people flaunt real life cars in their game on youtube videos however im not 100% sure how to do so. my guess is they have a special game config file. the old problem is vanilla cars have very low poly count. and addon cars to get the details of real life cars have very high poly count and the high poly count is extremely demanding. i run a presestance mod so i can save my cars in specific places and i can only have 18 or so... that number may vary for your hardware... i have an old gpu rad 580x with a threadripper cpu and 128 gigs of ram. i dont know where the cut off for ram would be or if running something like a 3080 gpu would help that. i will try to do some more research and get back to you on this.

    23 Ekim 2023, Pazartesi
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @Khorne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8GEo-VW2lQ this video may help you find what you are looking for.
    you may run into performance issues.. if you get texture loss. disappearing roadway/textures ... flickering. or textures popping up white. those are symptoms of too many resources being used by add on cars.

    22 Ekim 2023, Pazar
  • C46b59 cheezit

    problem solved

    im using this line in the config


    also some car models are saving as the wrong model name... i figured this out via the 1999 viper acr and the countach so if anyone else is having issues with autoload make sure you check that you are loading the proper model name (match the handling line call name is what i am doing)

    21 Ekim 2023, Cumartesi
  • C46b59 cheezit

    i cant get the autoload feature to work properly.car seem to only be saving by license plate # ive tried all options and everything. but i can only get ratios to autoload to a specific plate #... any idea if im doing something wrong or is the autoload feature broken?

    21 Ekim 2023, Cumartesi
  • C46b59 cheezit

    does this mod and STOP powercutting work together?

    19 Ekim 2023, Perşembe
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @nickaoke if you ever return. i run at .2 for performance and i get a touch... but the LOTS of smoke bug still creeps up sometimes and ruins my day lol i wish that could of been fixed but this mod adds so much i cant play without it.

    3 Ekim 2023, Salı
  • C46b59 cheezit

    @DXJD101 i think i finally got er figured out. updated my manual trans and it seems to be working better... also i adjusted my theory on " <fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift value " and i believe with this mod i am now getting much closer to realistic acceleration speeds thus making my old technique waaaaay slower... and i had to adjust all that... means i have like 500 addon cars to fix up lol. none the less the driving is much better...
    i'm switched back to normalized and i am finding it satisfactory... here is my numbers for the C7 stingray corvette


    2 Ekim 2023, Pazartesi