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Custom Torque Map is a GTA V script that changes the engine torque output.

By default, the engine output in GTA V is linear, and drops with 40% towards the end of the rev range (80%).
This causes every vehicle to feel similar during acceleration, even with varying amounts of
fInitialDriveForce and fInitialDragCoeff in the handling definitions.
This script overlays an engine map on the base input power - the engine torque map can be defined as anything, and has real in-world performance changes.


  • Supports torque maps with any amount of data points
  • Automatically loads maps based on vehicle model or plate
  • Supports NPC vehicles
  • Compatible with engine tuning
  • Calculates live (horse)power and torque
  • Exports power/torque data and raw calculations to csv
  • API: Function to retrieve actual player RPM and RPM limits

Requirements and installation
- Grand Theft Auto V
- ScriptHookV

To install, drag and drop the CustomTorqueMap.asi file and CustomTorqueMap folder to the GTA V folder.

Engine mappings go into the Configs folder, and are automatically loaded when the model matches, or the model and plate match.

Check TheAdmiester's repository on GitHub for pre-made configurations.

Open the management menu with the ctm cheat (use tilde (~) to open the cheat console). Other hotkeys may be assigned in settings_menu.ini

Read the included README.pdf for a complete description.
Check TheAdmiester's repository on GitHub for pre-made configurations.

Special Thanks
Thanks to the following people, who helped with making this script come together:

- TheAdmiester, for providing lots of data and testing
- Members of GVMA, for testing and general involvement

* Add support for {actual_rpm}|{actual_torque} in the torque map. Conversion to relative numbers is not required any more. Check CustomTorqueMap/Configs/VAG 4.2 V8 FSI 32v.ini for an example.
* Fix crash on invalid/missing config
* Fix crash on missing vehicle
* Update dependencies

Add exported function to retrieve idle, rev limit and actual RPM if those are defined
Fix mapped "actual" RPM reporting below 0.2 RPM

Initial release
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