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    @HKH191 i seem to have a small problem with the Lost Clubhouse not loading at game startup... The door is not there and if i go inside there is a huge hole (interior not loaded). If i refresh the interiors/reload the script then it seems to load fine. Is it intended to refresh/reload scripts everytime i start the game? Is it possible to do that automatically?
    One last thing, i noticed the clubhouse interior will load only when the player is very close, is it possible to increase a little bit the range so that the immersion breaking hole is not so clearly visible? Thanks for your work!

    3 hours ago
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    @Extricated No. Who decided that mods should be free? You think that modding require no work and no time? The sentence "profit off the work of someone else" is ridiculous, so youtubers and stream gamers are making money off their own games? Youtube itself is making money off the videos of other people. Pretty much everyone who is making profit is doing so. You should be thankful that modders share their stuff. Plus cass here has always put his last version for free. Oh right... You don't want to wait.

    2 gün önce
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    @DurtyFree thanks for this but unfortunately some props (preview) make the game crash. Can't use it cause when browsing the list it feels like gambling :D

    12 Şubat 2021, Cuma
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    @BeeberIsBack Thanks for this awesome remake! Could you help me please in coding the part where random nearby peds come to the van buy stuff and leave? Trying for days without managing. Thanks in advance

    10 Ocak 2021, Pazar
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    @Highj4ck Awesome mod! Very well done. But i desperatly need your help with sprites and embedded resources (menu banner or blip for example) Going crazy here.

    8 Ocak 2021, Cuma
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    @makeouthillxd and you give half star to an awesome mod because you are not able to read.. And write apparently. Remove or restore the mod folder and you'll be fine.

    23 Aralık 2020, Çarşamba
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    @YaBoiBlasty same here!

    21 Aralık 2020, Pazartesi
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    People these days don't know what means to be grateful and ask for things nicely. @AlexKnight did you receive any sort of education? Here modders share their work for free. Respect to them

    20 Aralık 2020, Pazar
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    @atomal and what kind of bug are you referring to? I'm using this mod since long time and I can't play without it anymore. It's a must. Doesn't work with the last update yet but it will be updated. Don't need to reinstall the game. Just delete or restore the mod folder...good idea good execution.

    19 Aralık 2020, Cumartesi
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    oh i casually found out.. It was about shooting rate. Thanks anyway!

    1 Aralık 2020, Salı