Bolingbroke Penitentiary Vehicles Pack [Add-On] 1.1


The timeless bringers of justice on a payroll, the Gruppe Sechs are responsible for maintaining security at the Bolingbroke. And despite doing a mediocre job at doing it at best, they’re still getting all the cool toys – like this new fleet of vehicles. One could say a tank or an APC would fit their combat climate better, but hey, it’s all about following the laws – and being violated by them the second a breakout happens.

Ever got caught screwing some broad by your psycho ex and had your life ruined after that? These SASPA cars are your ex you don't want to see after getting caught letting a prison break happen. Fueled by depression and meds, the SASPA guys have seen it all and are overseeing operations at the Bolingbroke with relative success.

Do not modify or re-upload this modification without authors' permissions. Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain. This modification is intended for singleplayer use, but feel free to add these assets to FiveM and RageMP at your own risk as long as permissions are requested and full credits are given. I do not do FiveM or RageMP technical support and do not ask for an ELS version.

This pack is inspired from Monkeypolice188's prison pack, we decided to create our own version with different vehicles and equipment. There are two versions of the prison vehicles. The white vehicles are owned by the San Andreas State Prison Authority, while the blue ones are owned by Gruppe Sechs' Correctional Division. The SASPA cars share the sirens from the Sheriff SUV due to the implementation of custom sound entries for them, while the Gruppe Sechs ones lack any sirens as they are security vehicles.

There are two prison buses in the pack, one is a modified Coach with cages on the side windows, while the other one is an improved version of the original Prison Bus which replaces the old version. Besides the prison buses, there are two transport vehicles; Rumpo and Stockade, both lack any lightbars. There is an added ped inside the pack: the Gruppe Sechs prison guard, specialized for the new Gruppe Sechs prison vehicles.

There is an optional file provided that adds some car generators for the vehicles in the pack so they will spawn naturally at the Bolingbroke prison.

- saspacar - SASPA Stanier
- saspacar2 - SASPA Torrence
- saspacar3 - SASPA Premier
- saspacar4 - SASPA Scout
- pcar - Gruppe Sechs Prison Asea
- psuv - Gruppe Sechs Prison Patriot
- pvan - Gruppe Sechs Prison Rumpo
- ptruck - Gruppe Sechs Prison Stockade
- pbus3 - Gruppe Sechs Prison Coach

- S_M_M_G6PrisGrd_01 - Gruppe Sechs Prison Guard
- S_M_M_BWArmoured_01 - Gruppe Sechs Black & White Armored Guard 1
- S_M_M_BWArmoured_02 - Gruppe Sechs Black & White Armored Guard 2

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Mapped Stanier, Stockade, Coach, Asea and equipment
- AlexanderLB - Liveries and ped textures
- Monkeypolice188 - Improved Stockade and truck wheels
- Vx5 Voltage - Improved Scout and Torrence
- IlayArye - Mapped Scout
- GCT - Original Scout
- Dani02 - Fixed Rumpo
- Voit Turyv - Lightbar models
- 11john11 - Emergency lighting setup
- Skitty - Police console
- Lt.Caine - Mapped Interceptor and Rumpo
- Aquamenti - Mapped Premier
- MyCrystals! - Descriptions

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 1.1 - Improvements and bug fixes
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