Simcade Handling (Supports: Arena War DLC) [.OIV] 5.11 (Beta)


*** Supports up to latest DLC: Arena War DLC ***

**Important note: Please do not ask me to fix any erratic handling behavior that you might be having if you got a custom model installed for that handling line (includes add-on or replace). This mod was made specifically using vanilla models and I cannot guarantee that it will work for custom models.**

In an attempt to keep the text short (for your ease of reading and saving me time), I will include only the update log from the previous version from now on, with maybe other side notes (also separated the text in the .txt files for easier reading)

*** Introduction and Highlights:
This mod provides handling akin to Race Driver Grid or other types of semi-sim arcade racers such as Forza Horizon 3 (don’t currently own Horizon 4 yet...). The general focus for the physics of this mod currently is 70% realism and 30% arcade. All vehicles have been modified (including bikes, trucks, planes, helis, and boats). Helis and boats are still somewhat experimental as I'm still not sure what all the value does yet. Bicycles have been touched slightly, but also still experimental...

Some quick highlight of this mod:
- Drag/gear limited realistic top speed for all vehicles
- Real gear ratios taken from their real life counterparts.
- Some vehicles have ABS while others don't depending on the type of vehicle.
- Realistic and accurate acceleration times for all vehicles except aircrafts and seacrafts. (excluding the effects of curb boosting)
- Semi-realistic grip and braking, with implemented downforce on certain vehicles. Vehicles feel natural, but challenging to drive fast and fits into the scale of the game.
- Overhauled motorbike and ATV handling, with higher degree of lean, and are now able to drift and do burnouts. No more bogging, and bikes feels tight and fast, and accurate to their RL counterparts (For the handling, since I never rode a bike before, it is primarily based on information from the internet).
- No auto-braking when free-wheeling.
- Realistic suspension for all vehicles, with no wheel clipping through the fenders when suspension is under load (going over a curb for example) with wheels turned (applies to stock ride height only).
- Increase in the roll-over risk for some vehicles.
- Entertaining levels of deformation with 4 different variants, similar to vanilla (vehicles are like tanks), core mod(entertaining), 200% more than core mod, and 300% more than core mod (feels kind of like paper…).
- Much faster fighter jets, and all planes being more challenging to pilot (less responsive) and significantly reduced turbulence.
- Realistic speeds for all planes using the Super Sonic mod.
- Overhauled surface materials grip levels to be semi-realistic, and removal of top speed limitation on certain surface materials (materials.dat).
- Faster traffic speeds for ai drivers, with changed handling flags for corresponding vehicle types. (Beta)
- Support for all vehicles up to latest official DLC.
- And many other features (See the below for more details) with some I may have left out, so see for yourself.

***Update log:


- Huge amount of changes, too many to list and it's best to just try it yourself, but below are the major changes
- Suspension changes: cars that has softer suspension will have softer springs rates and dampening and sportscars/supercars will have a firm spring rate and dampening rates
- Softer sprung vehicles may have a rollover risk, please report them if they rollover in excess (i.e. low CFG sports car rolling over for example)
- Added a small amount of downforce to all vehicles
- Various changes in grip for specific vehicles (track tested)
- Various changes for bikes and planes
- Changed some material frictions
- Included advance torque transfers for AWD vehicles (beta)
- Updated all vehicles to latest DLC.
- Also included a lot of optional extras, notably
- Include real gear ratios that are optimized for my mod (not for trucks and large vehicles yet, only those that can be found)
- Updated real plane speeds (and scaled speeds)
- Included an uninstaller via .OIV package

- Minor fixes
- Sadler: left an extra zero in upperlimit, causing it to have no suspension travel.
- Contender: slightly reduced rollover risk.
- Raiden: decreased CFG slightly

- Crash fix (verified that all configs and .OIV packages are working in-game)
- Basically reorganized the .OIV packages as there was something weird with the traffic speed package.
- Everything is verified to work (literally tested each config and package to work individually and as a combination, so it shouldn't crash assuming you install the recommended mods correctly.

V5.1 (Beta)
- Numerous bug fixes as a result from V5.01a.
- Small changes in grip, especially with braking distances to give the AI, with their limited detection field, a boost while still keeping the distance somewhat believable.
- Re-tweaked shifting characteristics and engine inertia of each vehicle to accomodate ikt's new update of the Manual Transmission mod which now relies on the clutch speed for both up and down shifts.
- Re-tweaked suspension for SUVs and offroaders.
- Re-tweaked some anti-roll bar biases and settings for certain vehicles for better driving dynamics.
- Re-tweaked suspension for better ride height and suspension travel in many vehicles to react more realistically.
- This is a request by prince_linus and he has won me over, since the tweaked vehicles ride better and looks better (especially some cars with a lot of negative camber)
- As a result of this readjustment, some vehicles will have their wheels clip the fenders, but the alignment introduced in this version help alleviate the clippings somewhat.
- Added proper wheel alignment (camber, toe, castor, etc.) to all vehicles with 2 wheels per axle (essentially all cars and trucks, 417 vehicles total)
- Looks especially good on racecars and supercars, like the Tyrant or the LE-7B, plus classic sportscars such as the Savestra or Turismo2.
- Re-worked motorbikes and some planes to be more manageable.
- Added better transmission and gear ratios for trucks and other vehicles.
- Overhauled helicopters to behave more like battlefield games.
- The Akula, Hunter, and Valkyrie1 are bugged, so AI have a difficult time piloting it, but can be managed by the player.
- This is the reason why V5.1 is essentially a beta until the helicopters are sorted out, so if you find a fix, please let me know and I will credit you for the fix.

V5.11 (Beta)
- Hotfix for planes, pitch stabilize value got messed up when messing with the helicopters.
- Re-tweaked Phantoms for less roll-over risks and changes to some gear ratios as well.
- Thanks MrKote for pointing out these glitches.

***Please report any bugs/glitches so I know what to look out for - be specific!! Thanks.

** Credits:

- Killatomate for inspiration since the GTAIV days and for providing some useful critique

- ikt's plethora of driving related mods. These are pretty much essential for maximizing driving pleasure.

- 3ric2hew for identifying the bike traction control off.

- Kryo4lex & TheSigui for the incredible Super Sonic mod, as I’ve used it to increase the top speeds of planes.

- prince_linus for providing some awesome screenshots.

- Content and map creators who has developed very high quality test tracks and tools to help with the development of this mod.

- All others who has provided feedback and input to my mod.

Feedback is always welcome, though may take some time for me to reply due to work.

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