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Peepers, stoners, indie movie makers - eyes peeled. A raggedy old wreck, a little bit of fix-up, a can of sore yellow paint and you got yourself an endless supply of interpersonal conflicts and orgies to observe and participate in - such are joys of school. Beware of sirens.

This one might be too old to prank peasants at the bus stops, but it still remains a mighty canvas for all sorts of creations. Feeling frisky? Turn it into a party bus with a stripper pole inside. Feeling adventurous? Strip it down and go demolition-derbying. Feeling messed up with too much alcohol in your system? Do both - at the same time.

It's current year and some tatted-up red-eyed freak won't pass for a prison guard just cause he's driving one of these no more. Don't let it stop you from having fun, though - there's potential in a big hunk of metal giving off oppressionate vibes and a smell of contraband. Whether that will be art potential or destructive potential is up to you.

Do not modify or re-upload without author's permission. Do not ask for ELS versions. Do not use in FiveM without permission.

This is basically a Prison Bus that has been mapped and fitted with several improvements like a badge which is placed one on the grille, mirrors on the hood, removal of the prison bars and new colorable wheels. There are three versions of the bus; regular version, school version and improved version of the existing prison bus.

The school bus have eight liveries, with four optional worn liveries, four functional red lights that can be activated by the horn button and a functional stop sign which acts as the trunk of the vehicle, while the improved prison bus version have its prison bars restored, along with an improved Bolingbroke livery, and the regular version lacks all the features that both school and prison buses have, it only have three liveries.

Regular and School buses are added to the game, while the improved Prison Bus is a replacement, but don't worry about the installation, it is included inside the add-on file, so the model will overwrite the original one without any problem.

- busclassic - Bus Classic
- sbus - School Bus


- Rockstar Games - Original model
- TheF3nt0n - Mapping and improvements
- AlexanderLB, (Ambient) and Cranlet - Liveries
- DynamoHotRun - Holder model for the stop sign on the school bus
- 11john11 - Sirensetting
- Monkeypolice188 - Handling, screenshots and improved sirensetting
- Lt.Caine - Wheels
- MyCrystals! - Descriptions
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