Mission Row 0.35[FIX]


Mission Row is a ymap mod based upon the real life homeless community of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. It seeks to create an atmosphere similar to one you would find in the homeless encampment that is skid row. This will be the first of many mods that seek to enhance the base GTA V atmosphere, and that are all based off of my previous defunct "GTA V: Revamped" mod.



1. Navigate to update>x64>dlcpacks
2. Create a folder titled "missionrow"
3. Move "dlc" to this location
4. Add "missionrow" to your dlc list.


Implement scenario bums
Mission Row Police Annex

About Mission Row Police Annex

Mission Row Police Annex is a ymap edit of what appears to be the original police Station for Mission row. The annex is based on the real life LAPD Central Community Police Station. This is a WIP until I can get it fully fleshed out and moved as its on addon. Therefore its optional if anyone wants to test it out.

Changelog for 0.35fix
  • Fixed missing DLC

    Changelog for 0.35
  • removed Mission Row PD optional ymap

    Changelog for 0.3
  • Added more homeless housing to West Sinner Street
  • Added additional ymaps to help flesh out Mission row
  • Added "Mission Row Police Annex" as a optional standalong until I can figure out how to work it into it's own Addon

    Changelog for 0.2
  • Added rubbish to Sinner Street
  • Added BMX and Cruiser bicycles to cargen
  • Moved emperor parked on sidewalk to street to remain lore friendly
  • Added metal plate to Sinner street
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