Simple Ragehook Loading Screens [4K] 1.0b


NOTE: The images on this website are at a lower resolution than the actual mod as the max size per image is 2 MB.


1. Copy the "LoadingScreens" folder into your GTA 5 game folder.

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V

Download RagePluginHook from http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx and install by copying the files indicated by the readme.txt file to the game folder.

b) Launch ragehook by running RAGEPluginHook.exe.

c) Then, just under the logo that appears, click the silver cog for settings.

d) Go to the "settings" tab. Make sure the "Disable Custom Loading Screen" option is NOT TICKED.

e) Still in the settings tab, make sure the and the "Enable Custom Background for Loading Screen" option is TICKED.

Simple screenshots of various GTA 5 locations at 4K Resolution to replace the default GTA 5 Loading Screens.

I put these together quickly because I didn't like the default loading screens, and I couldn't find any simple screenshots of the GTA 5 world in high quality anywhere as loading screens. I made these as a simple substitute for the default loading screens myself, but I decided to upload them as they aren't many online. I should update these with better screenshots soon.


- Change the time
- Change the weather
- Disable HUD and Radar
- Make player invisible

Simple Trainer for GTA V was used.

For the graphics, I used:

VisualV with the RadianceV option only.
4K Bokeh Overhaul
L.A. Roads
L.A. Roads Patch

NOTE: If OpenIV gives a blue error message window after or during the installation of L.A Roads or the L.A. Roads patch, the mods folder has become corrupted. You have no option but to delete your mods folder and re-install. Try not to use your computer while the roads are installing. It should work most of the time. But keep a pair of fingers crossed :)

by sjain

A copy of this text is available in the archive as "ReadMe.txt"


Update from 1.0 to 1.0b: Added Ragehook setup instructions and updated used graphics mods list to ReadMe.txt and the description on this site. Also added formatting to description.
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