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Use Profile Editor to create and edit your profiles easily!

Having a few shortcuts in a mod is often useful. You only have to remember one or two keys and its done.
When you have a lot of mods installed, each one adding their own shortcuts, it begins to be truly overwhelming...

No More Shortcuts lets you add phone contacts that will trigger the shortcuts for you!

It is simple:
  • It uses a XML file to create a phone contact
  • When you call this contact, it will press the defined key(s) for you

Instead of remembering every shortcuts, simply go through your contact’s list and call the mod’s functionality.

It works using a profile system (a XML file containing informations about the phone contact and the key(s) to press).
Each mod must have a XML profile file to be added to the phone's contact list.

When creating the profile file, you might have to tweak the keys a little bit. Some keys are not supported by some mods very well. Just try another key.

If the mod lets you edit the key(s), you will have to use the same key(s) in both the mod config file and the XML profile file.

Note that the shortcut set by the mods will still work.


Mod installation:
  • Install all prerequisites.
  • Copy InputSimulator.asi and the scripts folder to your GTAV main directory (the one that contains GTAV.exe).
  • Done!

Installing an existing profile:
  • Paste XML file into scripts\NoMoreShortcuts folder.
  • Edit XML file in order to have the same key(s) between the mod config and the profile.

Finding key values:
  • Here are links to website giving keys codes: Keys.

Creating a new profile:

Source code:
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