Heavy Brake Animation Disabler (HBAD) 1.0


Heavy Brake Animation Disabler (HBAD) by Aaronyxia (Formerly Cyastic)

Basically, I got sick of my character practically bashing their forehead against the steering wheel every time I got on the brakes, as if my character's abs are as useless as a french horn at a dubstep concert and the seatbelt is as defective as my brain in math class. This was especially annoying in convertibles and go-karts, and it happens nearly every single time you brake when playing on KB&M. So, I dove into the files and found and altered the animation event to nullify it completely. No longer will your lazy, ab-less character lean forward under heavy braking.

Technicals: This mod completely disables the heavy brake lean forward animation by changing the <HeavyBrakeYAcceleration value="0.15000000"/> in "vehicletasks.ymt" to <HeavyBrakeYAcceleration value="0.00000000"/>. This works to completely disable the Player's lean forward animation the game triggers when braking heavily, and it should stop passengers and NPC's from doing the same (though I haven't tested it extensively, but it's my understanding that this value is referenced universally so the value change is universal).


- Launch OpenIV

- Drop "vehicletasks.ymt" in:
"[GTA5 Installation Path]/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune"

(Optional) If you like living dangerously, you can also bypass the "mods" folder and just drop "vehicletasks.ymt" in "(GTA5 Installation Path)/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune" if you don't want to use OpenIV's mods folder feature. This is not recommended though, but a backup of the original vehicletasks.ymt file is included if you go this route and something goes wrong.

- Launch GTAV


A Backup of the original file is included in the "BU" folder (BU=Back Up)

- Drag and drop the "vehicletasks.ymt" file from inside the BU folder to the same location as the installation path to return the animation to the original state.

- Launch GTAV


1.0 - Release (06/27/2021)


- This mod should work with all versions of the game.
- This mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the "vehicletasks.ymt" file.
- This mod should not conflict with any other mods so long as they do not alter "vehicletasks.ymt".

/// Known Bugs:
- None as of 06/27/2021
Feel free to report bugs in the comments should you come across any.

/// "Why Not a Script"

- This mod's function can not be done through scripts as far as I know, but I'm not very good at scripting so I could be very wrong. Maybe an actual scripter can verify that or make a script that does the same thing if it is possible. But for now this is the only way I know how to disable the heavy brake animation, and it doesn't rely on any script loaders which is less to install or keep up to date which is a small plus.



If you're downloading this mod, chances are you're on KB&M, so why not have a look at this mod too by Razorwings18. "Traction Control System" mod is a configurable TCS mod that's also in-game togglable. This helps tremendously with high torque vehicles as it keeps them from just sitting in place burning out for 3 to 5 seconds before actually taking off.

>>> Razorwings18's "Traction Control System" mod - https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/traction-control-system

Also chances are that if you're downloading this mod, you are obsessed with how your character looks using vehicles. I'd be willing to guess that this carries over to motorcycles where Rockstar ThOuGhT iT WaS a GoOd IdEa To mAnDaTe wEaRiNg aN uGlY RaNdOm MoToRcRoSs HeLmEt wHeN I'm TrYiNg tO CrUiSe MaH ChOpPeR. [Ahem], well this mod disables auto helmet equip so that your badass aesthetic isn't ruined by a lime green flamed helmet that your character apparently has separation anxiety over and can't remove normally. (Seriously, this feature is in multiplayer, why is not in singleplayer)

>>> danistheman262's "Disable Auto Helmet Equip" mod - https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/disable-auto-helmet-equip

[Be sure to read the descriptions, details, and installation instructions and pre-requisites of these mods]


- This is a very easy mod to make, so it's surprising to me that I can't find anyone else who has already done this. Which of course, my self doubt has me thinking maybe someone already has and I just can't find it. Well, if anyone has already done this, my apologies for the redundancy. But I couldn't find any other mods that did this when I looked, hence why I'm uploading this one.

- This mod alters one value in one file, so there shouldn't be any issues. But, as always on mod sites and all things pertaining to mods, YOU are solely responsible for your game installation and property. By downloading this mod, you agree that I (Aaronyxia) am not responsible nor liable for any negative outcome to software, hardware, or otherwise if you use this mod.

- You are NOT allowed to reupload this mod in any form, altered or otherwise, on this or any other website.

- You are NOT allowed to make any form of monetary profit from this mod (i.e. selling the mod, ad redirect sites, paid access links, etc.)

- You are NOT allowed to distribute this mod in any other form, including via flashdrive or external HDD.

- Do NOT use this mod for pirated versions of the game. If you have a pirated version then, like, why... This game goes on sale quite often, just buy it ya freeloader.

- Do NOT try to use this online. This is an altered file, which CAN get you banned from online play if you try to go online with this altered file installed.

- This mod is for OFFLINE, Singleplayer use on legit copies of the game only!

- You ARE allowed to use this mod in videos and livestreams
(I would ask for a link to this page and credit in the description of YT videos as a courtesy, but it isn't required.)

[This mod comes with a README.txt that includes all of this information]
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